UX Research: Wemo Smart Home PRODUCTS


Wemo encompasses a line of smart home products that range from smart plugs to light switches and dimmers. These products are controlled through the Wemo app and can be integrated with partners like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Nest, and IFTTT. Devices can be set on timers and schedulers, and some can provide real-time feedback on energy usage.

The Wemo smart plugs have been rated by the New York Times Wirecutter as the best plug-in smart outlet, the Editor's Choice-winning best smart plug of 2018 by PC Magazine, and cited as "the secret to a seamless smart home" by CNET.

I support Wemo hardware and software through mixed-methods design research, applying qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover our users' needs, values, and behaviors. I serve as the voice of our user and advocate for their experience when delivering findings and recommendations to a cross-functional product development team. I manage a variety of research projects end-to-end, with methods such as data analytics, surveys, interviews, card sorting, paper-prototype testing, competitive analysis, and in-person weekly rapid, iterative usability testing, in addition to larger summative and benchmark testing. I’m also leading an internal study on our company’s software design and development process. Lastly, I help roadmap the company's long-term UX research agenda.